A Trip Down iMac Memory Lane

In this machine lies a million secrets. And AOL Instant Messenger. And some painstakinly downloaded pre-iTunes era MP3s.
In this machine lies a million secrets. And AOL Instant Messenger. And some painstakingly downloaded pre-iTunes era MP3s.

I just turned on my old college iMac and here’s what I’ve found:

1. Very Large Array photo desktop background. My photo. I don’t even think this was a digital photo (!)… So I must’ve gone through a lot of work to make it my desktop.

2. Unsent AOL email response to a “column masking as a personal ad” from a writer in Cody, WY. I wish my response included backstory… What / who the hell was I responding to???

3. This computer’s hum can be heard over the Lady Gaga blaring from my iPhone.

4. A fake computer cat that I was apparently supposed to feed, water and play with. I didn’t have the heart to open the program… I think we all know how that ended.

5. A sticky mouse with a roller ball and no scroll wheel. And nary a mousepad in sight.

6. A CD ROM Williams Sonoma Guide to Cooking. I can’t imagine a less useful thing to have in college.

7. SETI at home app. Chasing aliens and abnormalities from the ether. I’d still do that today though, so no judging.

8. Kai’s Photo Soap. Something tells me Kai doesn’t have the kind of money Adobe has.

9. The lyrics to “American Pie.”  In a Netscape document.

10. A paper about the movie Center Stage. From my Intro to Ballet class. Pull quote: “Center Stage‘s plot is interesting and maintains the viewer’s interest, yet the star of this movie is the dancing.” Have I mentioned that my parents paid tons of money to send me to Michigan? They did.

11. Every paper I wrote is in Apple Works. Which I assume is only viewable on this ancient hunk of purring machinery.

12. My clock is customized in pink Comic Sans. How did I not become a graphic designer? Such bold choices.

13. A horrible fictional romance story entitled “Hold On” (gag, barf) that I wrote, whose central figure may or may not be a thinly disguised Russell Crowe. Excuse me while I go die. (Side note: the last line on the document literally says: “in the real world… This is VERY embarrassing to have written this.” Yay for self awareness!)

14. The lyrics to “November Rain,” painstakingly copied into an AppleWorks document (centered and in a fancy font… New Berolina, for those who care).

15. “Pride and Prejie Paper.” Did I mention my expensive education? No?

16. Oh my god I just found another story about Russell Crowe. (This one helpfully and creatively titled “RC Story”)

17. The intriguingly titled “TJ and PP” document, which turned out to be a paper on Tristram Shandy and Pride and Prejudice (or Prejie).  BOOOOOOOO.

18. A letter to Transworld Snowboarding that I wrote after my sister got her snowboard stolen. Apparently I used to care enough to write letters. Ahh, youth….

19. 120 essays/papers. The life of an English and Comm major (and ballet… Don’t forget the ballet class.)

20. Graphics, tag lines and art for my snowboard brand / shop that never was. Sad face.

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