Potbelly’s is Going to Give ME a Potbelly.

When you see this sign... turn, enter, enjoy. Repeat.
When you see this sign... turn, enter, enjoy. Repeat.

I’ve been meaning to write this for a good two weeks now, but I’ve been too busy stuffing my face with delicious sandwiches…now that Potbelly’s (just so we’re all clear, no one, no one calls it “Potbelly”) has come to Seattle. For those who don’t know Potbelly’s…first, my abject apologies. You’ve been missing out on some delicious, hot, crispy, perfectly toasted sandwiches that far exceed anything you’d find at another chain (like Quizno’s, although god knows I loved those pirate hamsters they had back in the day…) for the perfectly respectable price of $4.50-$5.00.

I first had Potbelly’s in Chicago. Then they put one in Ann Arbor. Thank god that happened after I graduated or I’d be packing an extra 20. I love Potbelly’s so much that I constantly would check their website to see if they were franchising (The Sessionista, Franchise Owner Extraordinaire). No luck. Then three or four months ago, Mr. Sesh saw a job posting for sandwich makers at Potbelly’s. Rumours flew. My mouth started salivating. No longer would I have to plan my layovers through Midway. I could get Potbelly’s without leaving my time zone. I could get it for lunch. DAILY. Fastforward to June 7th. With a colorful balloon arch, Potbelly’s opened to the Seattle masses.

Located on 4th and Pike. If you work in Seattle, you need to check it out (I commute there from Interbay on my lunch break without problem, so there’s NO EXCUSE).

First Jimmy John’s. Now Potbelly’s. I’m a Pancheros and a Pret a Manger away from fast food bliss. (side note: while searching for the Pret link I discover that… OMFG. OMFG…Pret is now in AMERICA. AMERICA. So…guess I don’t need to keep going to London. BUT another reason to go back to Chicago [parenthetical within a parenthetical: my favorite part about Mr. Sesh living in Chicago was the inexhaustible supply of amazing, easy access food]).

The Sesh’s Sandwich Choice: “A Wreck” on white, sub provolone, light mayo, mustard, pickles, tomatoes and italian seasoning.

The most amazing 450 calories ever: Sheila’s Dream Bar (they may have dropped the “Sheila” but I’m going to continue to give her props)