I drive my Suzuki in Gucci Heels.

David Beckham is admiring my $900 shoes.
David Beckham is admiring my $900 shoes.

I had a bit of an epiphany driving home on Friday, navigating the mean streets of Seattle in my $4,000 1998 Suzuki Sidekick whilst wearing a $350 pair of Gucci sandals: I’m a bit of a financial dichotomy. To wit:

1. I have a pair of Emilio Pucci pumps with a retail price of $920. I wear them 1-2 times a year. Don’t worry, I only spent 1/3 of that $920. Or so.

2. I pouted lustily in line at Costco today when the cashier told me I had to buy 2 boxes of Cheerios to use my $3.50-off coupon and huffily told them to forget about it.

3. I have over $900 of shoes in my house right now to wear with my wedding dress. You know, shoes no one is going to see (Gucci and Kate Spade. The Guccis are to DIE for comfortable and just pure gorgeous, but potentially could get caught in the grass. The Kate Spades are half as much as the Guccis and really fun [think bright. think blue. think not wedding] and have a stacked heel).

4. I have clothes in my closet from 1997, that I still wear.

5. I wear something (well, 2 things now) every day that cost more than my car (I’m not telling, I don’t want to get mugged by my vast readership).

6. I buy store brand as much as possibly, and actually, true story, at the QFC on Mercer Island (!) last week saw the price of peppers and said, out loud, “$3 for a pepper? Are you fucking kidding me?” And then refused to buy one.

nice shirt.
Me and Pink Neon both wore these checked button downs from Abercrombie and Fitch (back when Fitch got some love still) on our senior cruise in 1999. I still wear mine.

7. I insist on paying for all my downloadable music, by buying it through iTunes, nevermind that my future husband pretty much can find any song online for free. It’s like an honesty disease, that he teases me about ad nauseum.

8. I am mightily ashamed to admit this but I have underwear that are still in my rotation that quite literally were bought the first year JCrew sold underwear. I’d put this at 1996. I might be being generous. This makes me: A. Gross as all hell, B: thrifty C: owner of some amazingly well made ‘roos, D: all of the above.

9. Penny the Wonderdog eats sustainably harvested Canadian uberfood that costs $50 a bag. Tonight, The Sessionista’s Man got a frozen pizza for dinner.

10. My car key fob (remember, Suzuki Sidekick) is Louis Vuitton, straight from 101 avenues des Champs-Elysees.

Hopefully Monsieur Sessionista doesn’t read this one…


The Sessionista