Session #12: Less Glitter, More Gold.

The Sessionista was excited to see that Bellevue Goodwill was putting on a special Designer Label Sale, but skeptical after her experience with the Glitter Sale. Too many half-naked women, too little designer goods. So it was with a bit of trepidation Sessionista set out for the Designer Label Sale. All set to meet up with Milosh and Sister Sessionista on Saturday at 11, but when I realized how close I was to the Bellevue Goodwill on Friday night, it seemed SILLY not to go check it out. Clothes were supposed to be set out throughout the day but my natural skepticism urged me to go check things out early.

First good sign: no line out the door. I breezed in and went straight for the labeled racks, festooned with brown and pink balloons. I quickly flicked through the racks, grabbing anything that looked halfway decent. I quickly found myself with my hands full: Theory wool blazer (that looked as if it’d been washed in a washing machine), bedazzled pink Free People cardigan (nevermind that I don’t wear cardis ever), a pair of Joe’s jeans and a black stretchy dress. I then took quick stock of the shoes and dismissed them all. For some reason shoes at Goodwill are always super worn, and I’m not a fan of used shoes. I started pawing through the handbags and suddenly realized that this was nothing like the Glitter Sale. For one thing, there were no women running around wearing only nylons. More importantly, there were actually some high end designer things on the racks, even 10 hours after the sale started. I grabbed a very, very worn black Kate Spade with a bunch of ink stains inside it, that was made in Italy and looked authentic. A small, bright yellow barrel bag caught my eye as well, a yellow suede Celine number. I grabbed it, and figured I’d inspect it later to determine if it was real. Then I found a gorgeous dark brown leather satchel that was just divine. All smooth and worn, with a lovely patina.

My new bag, making friends with my couch. And my pillow. And hopefully, with me.
My new bag, making friends with my couch. And my pillow. And hopefully, with me.

I grabbed my loot and went to stand in line for the 3 (!) dressing rooms that they seemed to have. Luckily the woman with the SHOPPING CART full of shit was behind me and not in front of me. And I had my friends Nugget and Foy to keep me company, who, like me, once they realized how close they were to the sale couldn’t resist.

Once I finally got in the dressing room (which was really gross and dusty and nasty, meaning I had to hop around in my pink chinoiserie satin pumps trying to get my pants on and off), I quickly realized the jeans were the only clothes worth holding on to. Then came the handbag dilemma. I’d inspected the Celine closely, and was put off by the liner. It seemed too cheap to be part of a genuine designer bag. It did have an Italy tag for its country of origin, but I was skeptical. The should strap leather looked and felt real until I inspected the seam. I decided I wasn’t willing to pay $30 for what was probably just a good fake. I set it down, and also decided to let go of the Kate Spade, since it was so worn. Which left me with the brown bag. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, Brahmin, and it was really pricey for Goodwill, at $49. I was torn. But the more I petted the leather I just decided I couldn’t resist. It seemed like a bag that would always be in style, and would last forever. So as we rung ourselves out, I managed to spend $75 on two items while Nugs got a Coach purse and Foy got a dress, each spending less than $25. Even as we were on our way out Foy pulled out a Chanel skirt, as if from nowhere. In the Glitter Sale, you’d have to be at the head of the line to get your hands on anything with a label like Chanel.

Bedecked in her stretchies, The Sessionista is ready to try on clothes without waiting for a dressing room.
Bedecked in her stretchies, The Sessionista is ready to try on clothes without waiting for a dressing room.

The reality is I wasn’t even supposed to be at the sale until 11:00am on Saturday, with Sister Sesh and Milosh. I was excited to see what new things has been pulled out overnight. Milosh and I got things started and Sister Sesh breezed in a few minutes later. I could immediately tell things weren’t going to be as promising. Much of the same stuff was still available, and for awhile I had a hard time finding anything new. On the last few passes over the racks I discovered an overpriced Alexander McQueen red top with slits in the side ($99, although as Sister Sessionista pointed out, he is dead now so maybe there’s some extra value there). I also found two Burberry trenches which would be great if they weren’t huge. A pair of Celine shoes, but very rounded in the toe. I snagged a large nylon Kate Spade tote with leather accents, but it was very well worn and didn’t seem as nice as the Brahmin bag I picked up the day before (and there was no way I was buying more than one bag. I mean, I change my purse like, once a year), so I set it back. Sister Sesh found a few pairs of jeans, including a sweet pair of Citizens for Humanity, which I ended up purchasing (The Sessionista’s Man has given me an ultimatum about my recent jeans buying habit, which is basically I have to get rid of some of them OR ELSE… To be fair the 2 piles in our closet are threatening to bean me every time I walk in). Milosh got a coat for her mum and a dress for her sister-in-law, clearly a nicer, more thoughtful girl than me.

Overall the Designer Label Sale was FAR more worthwhile than the Glitter Sale and I’m hoping they run it next year!

Highlights: No lines. Decent selection of designer jeans.

Lowlights: Poor pricing- too much stuff was overpriced (I saw my Brahmin bag on eBay, which just sold for $25). And Goodwill and I have a VERY different idea of what classifies as designer. Mossimo? Merona? If you’re going to include Target, at least make sure it’s a designer’s Target line!

Sessionista Says: Two pairs of designer jeans and a timeless leather handbag for under $100? Worth it.